5 Reasons to Go Solar NOW and Not Wait for Spring

Have you been thinking about going solar, but putting it off and thinking spring is really the best time? That’s just not the case! NOW is actually the ideal time and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. You Can Miss Out on a $3,200 Savings via a Top Solar Incentive. This is a big reason to act sooner than later. The Megawatt Block Solar Incentiveoffered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), which provides grants to help reduce the price of an average size solar installation for homes and businesses, is time-limited; incentives are calculated by “Blocks.” Once a Block (number of solar installations) is maxed out, the next Block will open up, but at a lower incentive level. So, right now Block 7 offers $.40 per Watt, but it is nearly filled up and Block 8 will open up at $.30 cents per Watt, a 25% decrease. The incentive is based on the size of your system; therefore, an average 8-kilowatt system can be reduced by approximately $3,200. So, for a homeowner with an 8-kilowatt average-size solar installation, that means the savings would go down from $3,200 in Block 7 to $2,400 in Block 8 — a 25% drop in savings!
  2. 30 Percent Federal Tax Credit is Still Here! In last week’s blog we told you about the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit that was preserved in the new GOP Tax Plan. Although the tax credit is good for 2018, we can’t guarantee it for longer, and after this year the credit will drop down to 26%.
  3. Cold Temps Are Great for Solar Panel Output! A common misconception is that solar panels do not work during the winter months. In actuality, cold temperatures can often improve your solar panel output. As with many electronics, solar panels operate more efficiently in cold conditions than when it’s hot. During the shorter colder days of winter your panels will produce more power during each hour of sunshine. And, when it snows, the white snow reflects light and helps to improve PV performance. New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts all top the list of top solar states — and all have in common, very cold winters!
  4. Get Your Panels Up In Time for Peak Energy Usage Seasons: By installing now, you will have your system installed and ready to take advantage of the peak spring and summer seasons when electricity rates are typically the highest.
  5. Start Saving as Soon as You Can: The sooner you install, the sooner you’ll start saving and also gain energy independence!

We offer a free solar consultation to find out if your home or business is right for solar. For more information, call 914-762-7622 or www.sunrisesolarllc.com.


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