Solar panels are a clean, efficient and sustainable way to power your home or business, and ensure a greener planet for you and your children. By using solar energy, you’re not only protecting the environment, you’re also protecting your wallet from skyrocketing utility rates.

Here in the Northeast we pay the highest rates for electricity in the country. Those rates have been rising 5% to 7% a year for the past decade – over 25% higher than the national average. But you’ll never pay a penny more for your solar power — your cost is fixed for the life of the system.

Solar energy increases the value of your home without adding a penny to your real estate taxes or to the assessed value of your home. According to the Appraiser’s Journal and Wells Fargo, every dollar you save on electrical bills translates to $20 in increased value of your home. For a typical system, this means that what you pay for your PV system is less than the value it creates at resale.

Just one solar panel in its lifetime offsets the equivalent of:

5 tons of
CO2 released

1.1 acres of
pine forest lost

11,180 miles of the
average car driven

638 gallons of
heating oil burned

Solar is good for the environment.
It’s good for the world.

Less dependence on fossil fuels means less dependence on foreign sources of energy.


How do solar panel systems work?

Solar electric systems generate electricity silently and without any moving parts. Sunlight falls on the solar panels generating DC electricity. That DC electricity is then converted into household 120/240V AC electricity by the inverters. The AC electricity is next fed into your electric meter and circuit breaker panel.


Is my house right for solar?

Enough sunlight falls on the earth in one hour to power every electrical device on our planet for an entire year! Now it’s easy to tap into the power of the sun using safe, reliable and affordable solar photovoltaic (PV) systems designed and installed by the experts at Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC.

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