Project Details

March 22, 2017
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp
532 bifacial solar panels were installed using a specially angled rack system

Project Description

The first completed Community Distributed Generation (CDG) solar energy system in the Hudson Valley, established within the eight-county service territory of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. The new system allows several dozens of residential customers to purchase renewable energy. This project paves the way for commercial solar customers to sell energy to residents under the new “shared solar” arrangement (formally called “Community Distributed Generation”) — now allowed in New York State where the solar electricity from commercial buildings directly reduces the electric bill in the homes of nearby subscribers.

Two-sided solar panels — known as bifacial solar panels – were installed on a customized white reflective rooftop surface. These panels have a greater output than conventional one-sided panels, because they are designed to capture both direct and reflected sunlight. This setup is particularly well suited for the Northeast, where winter conditions would typically limit solar output.

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