Introducing Solar Shingles by SunTegra®

Solar Shingles by SunTegra® brings together beauty and substance in a low-profile, roof-integrated solar roof system.

Sunrise Solar Solutions has partnered with New York-based SunTegra® (formerly known as Integrated Solar Technology (IST)) a solar products company known for developing high-quality, innovative solar solutions.  The company’s administrative offices are in Portchester and their manufacturing facility is located in Highland, NY.

SunTegra® Solar Shingles provide a sleek, seamless appearance. The shingles attach directly to a roof and integrate with composition shingles and other low profile roofing materials — offering customers a durable and protective roof material, and a high-performing solar system in one. The lightweight design and integrated wiring reduces complexity and increases the speed of installation.

In addition, since SunTegra® Shingles are the roof — you save double — no need to pay extra for roofing material under the solar system, and no need to pay to remove and replace the conventional solar panels when it’s time to re-roof your home.

SunTegra® Solar Shingles Benefits

Protect your home

Produce energy
from the Sun

Support our green
energy future

Preserve curb appeal

Save on your
monthly utility bill

Increase the value
of your home



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