Moving Towards Energy Independence with Solar-Plus-Storage


The recent blackout in California put to test the reliability and “power” of a solar-battery combination. Hundreds of thousands of homes in California lost power after the electric company, PG&E shut down the grid to avoid power line accidents associated with windy, dry weather and an increased risk of fire. Those people who had a home battery paired with their solar system stayed lit, however, as a result of having had enough power saved up to be spared from the outage.

According to Doug Hertz, president and CEO of Sunrise Solar Solutions,  “Solar-plus-storage is revolutionizing the solar energy industry.  These systems enhance our ability to become energy independent by keeping the lights on and many of our essential appliances running.” 

Hertz reports that solar-plus-storage allows you to engage in “rate arbitrage” — storing energy when it is cheap and running your home off the battery when rates go up. The system will kick in and automatically switch over to battery power when needed. 

“You could be living in a completely energy self-sufficient home in no time; integrated solar panels will allow your home to produce and store using the battery system up to 100% of the energy it uses,” he added. 

For more information about Solar-Plus-Storage, contact, or call 914-762-7622.


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