What is Community Solar? How Can it Help Your Business?


COMMUNITY SOLAR or Community Distributed Generation (CDG) is trending across the U.S., rapidly increasing in popularity in tandem with an increasing demand for solar energy in homes and businesses alike. Community Solar refers to access to solar power produced by a local solar facility shared by multiple subscribers who all receive credit on their utility bills for their share of the power produced. This arrangement offers homeowners, renters and businesses the opportunity to switch to solar power even if they normally wouldn’t be able to access it because they either rent, live in an apartment or because their home or business has a roof that cannot accommodate a solar system.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA): “Community solar provides homeowners, renters, and businesses equal access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy generation regardless of the physical attributes or ownership of their home or business. Community solar expands access to solar for all, including low-to-moderate income customers most impacted by a lack of access, all while building a stronger, distributed, and more resilient electric grid.”

Doug Hertz, president and CEO of Sunrise Solar Solutions explains why businesses and building owners are now choosing to turn their rooftops into Community Solar or CDG sites.

“Building owners now have the opportunity to monetize the roof of their building. This means that for building owners, the roof becomes a valuable asset that can produce additional income. In addition, the energy created by a CDG project is valued at a higher rate than if fed directly into your building.”

He added that direct ownership may be the best option if federal and local tax credits are used, but “leasing your roof is also a great low-risk alternative.”

For more information about Community Solar, contact www.sunrisesolarllc.com, or call 914-762-7622.



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