What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know About Buying and Selling a Home with Solar Panels

The spring buying season has started early with housing analysts signaling price cuts and lower mortgage rates. Despite the overall increase in homes with price cuts, real estate pros are pointing to the significant number of homes with solar panels that will maintain their original asking prices. That’s why we’ve created a handy booklet that will soon be launched, “What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know About Buying and Selling a Home with Solar Panels,” which aims to equip real estate agents, buyers and sellers alike with key facts and information about homes with solar power.  Read an excerpt here!  We can’t wait to show you the rest…

How to Prepare If You are Selling or Buying a Home with a Solar

  • Gather copies of electric bills that show a low or $0 balance.
  • If your system is leased, you will need to decide whether you’d like the homebuyer to take over the lease payments or pay off the loan before closing on the house.

If the House you are showing Does Not Have Solar, But Your Client Wants Solar!

  • Let your client know that when installing a new solar system, the home buyer can take advantage of all the federal and state tax credits, incentives and financing plans that offer a $0 down option.
  • Develop a relationship with a reputable installer that is local to you with excellent checkable references and a proven record of success.
  • Schedule a consultation for your client with a solar installer to learn about their warranties and maintenance programs, as well as buying and leasing options. In some cases, there is no requirement to put any money down.
  • Get an accurate assessment of how much energy the house uses each month.
  • Evaluate the property including the number of trees and potential for sun exposure.
  • Determine the roof’s condition; this will impact whether it’s best to install solar shingles or solar panels.
  • Find out what tax credits, rebates and incentives are available.

The number of solar-powered homes in the U.S. is predicted to increase at an even more rapid pace in 2019 than in previous years. There are now more homes with solar panels on the market than ever before – and that means that real estate agents today need to become “Solar Savvy,” armed with comprehensive knowledge about solar panels and how solar works. Stay tuned as we release our handy booklet that will cover some of the key facts and information about solar power to prepare you for working with clients who are either selling or buying a solar paneled home!

We offer a free consultation and would be happy to walk you and your homebuyers and seller through the solar installation process. Please call 914-762-7622, www.sunrisesolarllc.com to schedule an appointment.


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