How Can You Tell if Your Solar Is a Success?

Your solar installation has been completed and it looks really beautiful atop the roof. The sun is shining, the panels are gleaming and all looks like its working. But, how can you really tell for sure if your solar installation will be an effective addition to your home or business?

Here are some quick ways to check:

  1. Check Your Electric Bill! This is the easiest and most fun way to see solar production in action. Simple, watch your savings. Your electric bill should start going down right away. Think about how nice it will be to open your utility bill one day and see no electricity charges!
  2. Meter Running Backwards: This means that your system is producing energy, and you are actually sending power back to the utility.
  3. Your Solar Company’s Specialized Systems Monitoring: At Sunrise, we continuously monitor your system with our special monitoring devices from our office. We can see the output and energy production of your system at all times. You can be sure that if we see that your panels are not performing as they should, we will be there for you right away to make sure things are exactly right.

Sunrise Solar Solutions guarantees the success of every system we install and our record speaks for itself.

We recently completed what’s been called “Westchester’s largest residential solar array” at the Scarborough Manor Cooperative Residential Complex, a 205-unit cooperative residential complex in Ossining, N.Y. – which started seeing significant energy savings as soon as we flipped the switch on our installation this past January. Scarborough Manor is now equipped with an expansive solar energy system of 456.6 kilowatts. The residents and Board members there all agree that this has been a huge success and performing even better than they anticipated: Scarborough Manor’s system is now on track to offset 25% of total annual electricity usage on the property including all usage for common areas (the lobbies, hallways, exterior and interior lighting, the pool area, and the clubhouse) — PLUS all usage for all 205 private apartments. The system, which includes 1,474 solar panels, is installed on the rooftops of two seven-story residential buildings and one two-story amenities center, and is now the largest residential solar project in Westchester County.

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