How to Save a Lot of Money on Home Energy Bills

The best way to save money on your electric bill is to switch to solar power. In fact, the majority of our home and business clients are now happily receiving $0 energy bills.

As we head towards the spring and summer months, most of us worry about higher bills that include exorbitant air conditioning costs and an increased use of washing machines and other big appliances. Small changes can add up to big savings, so we’ve compiled a list here of some easy tweaks that you can make at home and in the office to help lower your bills.

Choosing the right thermostat

Not all thermostats are created equal. Smart thermostats that adjust your heat and air conditioning temperatures, even when you are not at home, can make a big difference and will  help you to gain control of the amount of energy you are using. With many systems, you can use your smart phone as a controller to raise and reduce temperatures when not at home.

Make Sure Your Home is Sealed

Make sure that there are no cracks in your doors or windows to keep the warm or cool air inside your home and to ensure that none flows outside. Allowing warm or cool air to escape is throwing away money.

Choose the right bulbs

Like thermostats, not all light bulbs are the same. To save money, invest in LED bulbs. Not only do they produce less energy than traditional bulbs, they also last much longer. By spending a little more on the purchase of LED bulbs you will save a great deal in the long run.

Don’t throw away money on appliances

Some of the biggest energy and money wasters are the use of appliances, especially washing machines. You’ll save a great deal of energy by washing your clothes in cold water. In fact, detergents now have enzymes that work more effectively to remove dirt and stains at lower water temperatures, and are even less effective at higher temperatures. In addition, unplug smaller appliances when they are not in use. By switching off TVs, computers and lights, you will save electricity and a lot of money.

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