“Sunrise not only builds great PV systems, they helped us evaluate our portfolio of properties and determine which buildings would work best for solar.

Since Woods Edge, we have worked with them on numerous other projects. They have become a true partner.”

Bill Balter
Senior Partner, Wilder Balter Partners


Dealing with Lee S. L. from Sunrise was a pleasure. He was knowledgeable and patient responding to questions and concerns.
John Sarcone
Sunrise handled absolutely all the paperwork and made my life easy. They even processed my Federal paperwork and got me my grant money.
BobNY based Real Estate Developer
“Sunrise made sure that the systems they were installing were compliant with our new roof warranties. They handled all the time-consuming paperwork and meetings with the building department, planning board etc. and they’ve kept us informed all along the way. It’s been a great project.”
David ShermanPresident, Absolute Coatings Inc.
“Since construction was completed, we have had four electric bills of $0. It’s a great investment. You save money from day one. You are protected from the inevitability of rising electricity costs in the long term. And best of all, there are outstanding environmental benefits. It’s a win-win-win investment in my opinion.”
Rick AlfandrePresident, Alfandre Architecture
“I was skeptical at first, even after I signed the contract, but now that I have seen months of $0 bills, I am a believer.”
Bob RyanPresident, Ryan & Ryan Insurance
The on-line system is so easy though - it shows when an SREC is credited to my account... The bottom line is the system is making us thousands every year.
Steve H.
We are very satisfied with our experience with Sunrise Solar. Lee, Matt and their team were extremely efficient, responsive, and answered all of our questions as novices in solar energy production. The financing was easy and Sunrise walked us through each step, making the process much less intimidating.

Moreover, the installation happened quickly, allowing us to begin making energy as soon as possible. We have already noticed a decline in our energy bills and are really quite thrilled knowing that we are leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. We really appreciate the personal touch, and they made us feel like we were all partners in the project. We highly recommend Sunrise Solar.
Noah Kupferberg
We used Sunrise Solar over a year ago and the entire process was seamless and professional. In addition, Sunrise exceeded our expectations on the ease of the transition to solar.

The estimate was 100% accurate as well as the initial tax credits. They took care of all of the necessary paperwork and permits, and, double-checked that our roof and exposure were compatible for solar panels. The installation only took a couple of days to install the 28 panels and ancillary equipment which essentially consists of a couple of small boxes in the garage.

The panels are aesthetically pleasing and now that we are past a year into installation we have seen the electrical cost savings that they projected. Overall an extremely positive experience and we would recommend Sunrise Solar to anyone considering installation of a solar system
Bob & Laura Mogil
I initially heard about Sunrise Solar through a local family friend. At that time, I was already considering other national company solar options from Sungevity, One Block off the Grid, and Solar City. Compared to my conversations and interactions with these all other companies, Sunrise proved to be much better in their communications and explanation of the entire process.

Once the process got going it was great to be able to depend on their local service and deal with someone just miles away vs. a call center halfway across the country. The installation was also seamless, and I've been in regular touch about making sure my new Con Ed bills are correct.

I would highly recommend Sunrise over any other provider in the area!
Alessandro Rafanelli
I used Sunrise Solar to install panels on my house over a year ago. They made the process simple. The panels look gorgeous and the design fits beautifully on my roof. I have a large house and wish I could have installed more panels because my bill has come down very nicely. I got several prices and Sunrise was by far the most reliable and their product produced more energy for the same number of panels than other companies.They are also a local company and I felt more comfortable using a Westchester based company that has been here for many years.
Hillary M.
Sunrise not only builds great PV systems, they helped us evaluate our portfolio of properties and determine which buildings would work best for solar.

Since Woods Edge, we have worked with them on numerous other projects. They have become a true partner.
Bill BalterSenior Partner in Wilder Balter Partners
We have been a customer of Sunrise for years and we were always interested in purchasing solar panels. We had Sunrise run the numbers a few times last year because we could not believe how affordable purchasing had become with NYSERDA incentives. Having said that, I had complete confidence in the process. The whole job was done in 5 days and solar panels were running by noon on the last day.

We have seen great savings, as much as was estimated. Doug and his crew are very personable and educated. They will explain and answer everything for you so you feel very confident about your decision. They took care of the entire process and we just relaxed. It was actually fun and painless, and we love our electric bills now!!
Jennifer Hentel
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