Women in Solar Jobs on the Rise: The Possibilities are Endless

Introducing Lisa Spitalieri, Solar Consultant, Sunrise Solar Solutions

Lisa Spitalieri, who spent almost 30 years in real estate and interior design, was looking for a “smart and exciting-next step” career move. Her years at William Raveis, Mark Seiden, Houlihan Lawrence and Coldwell Banker led her to Sunrise Solar Solutions where she now holds the position of Solar Consultant and is beginning to create new initiatives and programs there that combine the best of real estate and solar power. 

“Bringing greater knowledge of solar to real estate industry professionals makes a great deal of sense and is crucial at this point in time when solar is taking hold and booming in every area of the country,” says Lisa.  “It is important that real estate professionals become knowledgeable about solar power, and we are here to help them learn what solar does, how it works and the cost saving benefits, so that they can then pass this valuable information on to their clients.

When she joined the Sunrise Solar Solutions team last month, the process of planning and enacting new programs designed specifically for real estate professionals began right away.  Some of the planned programs include workshops, accreditation programs, brochures, etc.

Lisa is among the growing number of women who now make up a third of U.S. wind and solar energy jobs, higher than other technology field. A 2017 Department of Energy employment report found that women make up 32 percent of the solar energy workforce. This number is higher than some other tech industries; one recent report found women hold less than 20 percent of U.S. tech jobs overall.

For more information about exciting solar career opportunities at Sunrise Solar Solutions, call (914) 762-7622; www.sunrisesolarllc.com.


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