Project Details

November 10, 2016
Alfandre Architecture

Project Description

Alfandre Architecture’s new headquarters is a flagship project for both Sunrise and our longtime partner Alfandre Architecture. Having already designed and installed solar projects for several of Alfandre’s clients, Sunrise was the natural choice when it came to a PV system for their own new building, which is seeking LEED GOLD certification.

Sunrise was brought in early, consulting on the project from the siting & design phase through construction and completion. This close cooperation and communication ensure the best possible system at the lowest possible cost.

“Since construction was completed, we have had four electric bills of $0. It’s a great investment. You save money from day one. You are protected from the inevitability of rising electricity costs in the long term. And best of all, there are outstanding environmental benefits. It’s a win-win-win investment in my opinion.” –Rick Alfandre, President of Alfandre Architecture


When the building’s design crystallized, it became clear that the solar panels on the roof would not be visible enough from the main street. Since “green” architecture is their business, Sunrise worked with Alfandre to design a custom solar canopy for the front of the building. The canopy makes a statement about their commitment to sustainable building and is both functional, aesthetically pleasing, and acts as a reminder of the building’s solar roof.

Savings $190,000 over system life
Location New Paltz, New York
System Size 33.4 KW DC STC
Levelized Cost of Energy Utility $.24    Solar $.03
Product Conergy & Hyundai 255 Watt panels
Enphase M215 Microinverters
Environmental 960,000 kWh of clean energy
CO2 offset of nearly 1,460,552 lbs
Or 543 acres of forest

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