Project Details

November 17, 2016
Ryan & Ryan Insurance
1 array on a flat roof; fully ballasted racking system

Project Description

When Tom Kacandes, Sunrise’s Senior Business Developer, met with Ryan & Ryan Insurance it immediately became clear that there was enough roof space to offset their entire electric bill. Sunrise worked with Ryan’s roofer to do some remedial repairs and preventative maintenance, ensuring that the roof would last as long as the projected 25 year design life of he PV system.

“Sunrise was great! They not only showed us a detailed and conservative 25 year cash flow projection, but they worked with our subcontractors to make this project a reality,” said Bob Ryan, President of Ryan & Ryan Insurance.

“I was skeptical at first, even after I signed the contract, but now that I have seen months of $0 bills, I am a believer.” – Bob Ryan, President of Ryan & Ryan Insurance

When Sunrise analyzed the electric bills we discovered that were was a second meter with almost no usage. The utility was charging over $1,000 a year in meter and basic service charges alone.

As part of the solar installation, Sunrise eliminated the second meter and re-fed all the electric through the main service. This allowed the solar system to power the entire building while saving the company another $1,000 year in unecesssary meter chargers.

Savings $69,654 over system life
$0 Electric Bill
Location Kingston, New York
System Size 16.3 KW DC STC
Levelized Cost of Energy Utility $.20    Solar $.03
Design 1 array on a flat roof
Fully ballasted racking system
IRR 12.0% After Tax
Years to Breakeven 5.9

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