Trump’s Solar Tariff: No Price or Service Change Anticipated at Sunrise Solar Solutions

We saw it coming and we prepared. This week, the President imposed a 30 percent tariff on solar panels made outside the U.S. That’s why over the past year, we planned and prepared, and had the foresight to be “tariff-proofed” and not rely on cheap imports. Our prices, delivery and service will remain as is on the residential side.

Further to ensure this, we recent entered into a partnership agreement with SunPower, based in San Jose, California, offering premium-priced solar panels, which have been reported as the most efficient in the industry at transforming sunlight into electricity.

According to Bloomberg News: “The solar revolution is happening so fast that the tariff will make little difference.” The Bloomberg article goes even further, stating, “The overall impact is unlikely to be large because solar panel manufacturing costs have been dropping so fast that more expensive foreign imports will be merely a bump on the road.”

Says Sunrise Solar CEO Doug Hertz: “Although we are disappointed in the President’s decision to impose a 30 percent tariff on solar panels, our commitment to our pricing, our customers and the solar industry is relentless and stronger than ever before.  We are passionate about our work and our industry.  And, we stand by our customers as always in delivering the best solar panels available and maintaining our current prices and quotes. The Sunrise Solar Solutions team of installers and solar specialists are unstoppable, and our hard work and strong commitment to quality and our customers will prevail — and we are certain that the solar industry boom will continue on its rise without any pause.”


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