They’re Here! Sunrise Solar Solutions Unveils Long-Awaited Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are finally here and now available for installation at Sunrise Solar Solutions.  We’ve had so many inquiries from both home and business owners who have been waiting for a long time – and are still waiting — for solar shingles, which had been promised for years by other companies. Now the wait for solar shingles that are top-quality, reliable, effective and save you money is finally over. 

Sunrise has partnered with New York-based SunTegra, formerly known as Integrated Solar Technology (IST), a solar products company known for developing high-quality, innovative solar solutions.  SunTegra® Solar Shinglesphotovoltaic cells designed to look like and integrate with conventional asphalt roof shingles — can generate enough electricity to power a whole house. The solar shingle roof combines the benefits of solar power with the reliability of traditional roof shingles, and is used in place of roofing materials to provide the same protection from the elements as you would have from regular asphalt shingles.  This means that you get a durable and protective roof material and a high-performing solar system in one!

Solar shingles have become an extremely popular and sought-after energy option for home and business owners enticed by the aesthetically-appealing, seamless appearance of a solar shingles roof, combined with a relatively quick and easy installation, and significant federal and state tax credits and incentives.  The timing to install a solar shingle roof could not be better.  Current federal and state tax credits and incentives remain significant and in full effect until 2019, when the rates at that time will then start to decrease.

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