Solar Inspire & Install: Educating Today’s Youth is Key

screen-shot-2017-10-26-at-12-52-05-pm Solar is our passion and our business. We absolutely love what we do each day and believe that we are making a critical impact on improving the environment. At Sunrise Solar, our priority is to help as many individuals, businesses and organizations as possible transition to green power. This includes reaching out to today’s youth to provide them with the tools and learning that will enable them to respond to global warming and our ever-emerging green economy.

Along with our recent installation of a 284-panel solar array on the rooftop of the Hendrick Hudson Library in Montrose, NY, we also created a visually-exciting educational solar display for the multimedia kiosk in the Children’s Room at the library. The new solar installation, designed and installed by Sunrise Solar Solutions, is now on track to produce 84 percent of site energy. According to Hendrick Hudson Library Director Jill Davis, the library’s first electric bill decreased by $600 in just three weeks!

The Hendrick Hudson Free Library is a proud member of Westchester Green Business, so Library Director Jill Davis was very excited to work with us on developing a fun and colorful display that would educate the children about renewable energy and its importance to the future of our earth.

“We loved the idea of getting our youngest patrons involved with solar. Said Library Director Jill Davis. “We’re certainly very happy to be saving money with the new installation, but our goal is also for children to be able to see it in action, ask questions and understand what solar is all about.”

screen-shot-2017-10-26-at-12-52-37-pmWith easy-to-read type and colorful graphics, Sunrise Solar created a large screen display that would be visually appealing to children and would best illustrate how solar panels collect energy and can power a building. In addition, we featured the number of kilowatt-hours of power produced by the library to date and how that can help the environment. For example, we depicted how hours of solar panels obtaining energy from the sun can save hundreds of gallons of gasoline, and therefore, many acres of forest would be preserved.

According to Sunrise CEO Doug Hertz: “Kids that learn about solar energy now will be in a much better position to make the right energy choices when they get older. We aim to inspire & install solar throughout Westchester and the Hudson Valley – and that includes paving the way with educational programs and useful information on clean energy that will inspire young visionaries in sustainability.”


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