Solar Fantasy vs. Reality

There have been many showy unveilings recently of futuristic-looking solar products. The most recent example of this was the dubious solar roof tile, which CEO Elon Musk unveiled earlier this year.

We’re big fans of both technological breakthroughs and incremental improvements. We make a practice of staying up to date in all the latest solar technologies. But rather than trying to dazzle you with products that offer more fantasy than fact, we make a point of knowing and communicating which ones actually offer the best value for our customers.

Here are a couple of tested and proven technologies that we use at Sunrise, not because of their perceived sex appeal, but because they are the most efficient, cost-effective products on the market:


We use micro-inverters because they yield more electricity, last longer, are safer and more reliable, and remove the “single-point-of-failure” scenario of string inverters.

Enphase Enlighten System

This software takes all the mystery out of your solar energy system, allowing you to monitor the precise output of every panel in your system 24 hours a day, ensuring the best return on your investment.

Bifacial solar panels

This exciting new technology is used for specific purposes, such as flat roofs, trellises, etc. to best capture both direct and reflected sunlight — meaning your solar panels will work even when there’s snow on the roof. This is an excellent product for use in the Northeast, and we’ve already used it in commercial applications with great success.

Explore our website to find out more about why when it comes to solar, proven technology beats fantasy products every time.


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