Preparing for Hurricane Season Power Outages

Hurricane season has started out with a bang this year.  The impacts have been devastating and power outages have already affected many thousands of homes. Since hurricane season lasts through the month of October and oftentimes, into November, it’s important to be prepared and ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way. 

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Prepare for power outages by arming yourself with backup power. According to federal databases, the U.S. electric grid has 285 percent more power outages than it did in 1984 because of overworked and aging power grids, more frequent and extreme bad weather and more rolling blackouts.  With an extremely high demand in our region, Sunrise Solar Solutions now offers the sonnenBatterie battery back-up solar power system, a critical addition to ensure power reliability and cost efficiency. The battery features a unique power detection system that will sense outages in real-time and will automatically switch over to battery power.

The sonnenBatterie is a 24/7 home energy storage solution that uses intelligent software to manage the energy needs of your home, every minute of every day, season after season. Practically speaking, this means that you’re not only covered throughout the day, but then able to use your solar power at night too. And should a power outage occur, sonnenBatterie has the capacity to keep you humming along even during extended grid failures.

The battery’s smart software equates to a smart investment. The intelligent program can engage in “rate arbitrage”, storing energy when it’s at its most affordable and then running your home off the battery when rates go up. Additionally, the program is user-friendly; with the downloadable sonnenApp, you’re able to check your energy usage and production anytime and from anywhere. You can, therefore, monitor, analyze and take control from your smartphone or tablet as much or as little as you like.

In addition to eliminating worry about getting stuck in a hot, dark home, adding battery backup to solar installations is an important step to increasing grid resiliency. To find out more info, contact or call 914-762-7622.

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