Project Details

November 3, 2016
Manufacturing Plant & Office

Project Description

Like many manufacturers, Absolute Coatings has a high electic bill. Sunrise analyzed the building, roof, and electic system and then showed Absolute just how much money they could save by going solar.

They deveoped a staged plan to install solar as the roofs were being replaced. The first 82KW (of the planned 200KW system) has now been installed, in conjunction with the fully warranteed new roofs. The result is immediately contributing to the bottom line.

“Sunrise made sure that the systems they were installing were compliant with our new roof warranties. They handled all the time-consuming paperwork and meetings with the building department, planning board etc. and they’ve kept us informed all along the way. It’s been a great project.”David Sherman, President of Absolute Coatings Inc.


One of the great benefits of Sunrise’s micro inverter technology is the ability to easily expand the system at a future date without impacting the existing system.

Absolute’s solar system is designed to be expanded when the next phase of roof repairs are completed, sometime next year, bringing the total system size to 200KW and the utility electric usage down to zero.

Savings $442,866 over system life
Location New Rochelle, New York
Utility: Con Edison
System Size 81.4 KW DC STC
Levelized Cost of Energy Utility $.24    Solar $.03
Design Fully ballasted system on new roof, no penetrations
IIR 14.8% After Tax
Years to Breakeven 5.9
Product 313 260 watt panels – Enphase M215 Microinverters

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