Here’s Why Strong Relationships Matter

Preparing for a potential solar shortage — together

The solar industry has enjoyed an incredible run of falling prices and rising growth — a trend that could soon be disrupted by a petition before the International Trade Commission (ITC) seeking tariffs on imported solar modules. If trade officials agree to the tariffs, prices for solar PV modules could almost double.

As the industry awaits a decision from the ITC, some large solar developers are rushing to stockpile these products before prices skyrocket. All of this coincides with a rising demand for solar products in markets around the globe — meaning there will be a lot less supply to go around.

At Sunrise Solar Solutions LLC, we believe strong relationships provide the best protection during uncertain times. Our new partnership with SunPower as an Exclusive SunPower Dealer will support our ability to continue to provide every residential and commercial Sunrise customer with the highest quality solar panel technology.

Together with SunPower and with our clients, we are taking numerous proactive measures to prepare for any potential disruptions in supply. Through careful monitoring of the changing market, strategic planning, consistent communication and smart scheduling, we will work together to minimize any effects of the shortage for our customers.

The trade petition was filed by Suniva, a Georgia-based solar manufacturer that claims its bankruptcy earlier this year was caused by imports flooding the market. The Solar Energy Industries Association is lobbying against the case, which it says is not representative of the industry. The ITC will reach a decision by September 22, and will make its recommendation to the White House by November 13.

Thanks to our strong relationships, no matter what the outcome is, we’ll be ready.


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