Graduates, you can change the world with solar

Great job prospects for you, a great future for the planet

Summertime means vacation time for many: Fun family adventures, lazy weekends at the beach, and some great hiking and swimming. But, for recent college grads, the summer months can also be ones spent pounding the pavement and looking for that first great job.

Class of 2017: We’ve got good news for you! Now is the time to choose a career in solar. There are so many new and exciting opportunities where you can make a living while also making a difference!

Recent job growth in the solar industry has been phenomenal. In fact, employment in solar now far exceeds coal. A recent solar jobs census also indicated that the solar industry now employs more people than Apple, Facebook and Google combined.

In the solar industry there are many opportunities that utilize a variety of skills. Whether you enjoy the satisfaction of hands-on outdoor work, love to work with the latest technologies, or have a flair for marketing or sales, the solar industry needs your talent.

The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice any ideals in the name of earning a paycheck because you’ll simultaneously be making the world a better place. For starters, you’ll be helping the environment by joining the movement for clean, renewable energy. You’ll also be helping your neighbors and the economy by offering people an important way to save money.

Going beyond that, Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in his blog recently that if he were graduating today and wanted to make an impact, one of the fields he would most seriously consider is energy — “because making it clean, affordable, and reliable will be essential for fighting poverty and climate change.”

In short, the future of solar is extremely bright and keeps shining brighter each day. Sunrise Solar Solutions is excited to be a part of that growth and is always looking for qualified people to join our staff. If you are looking for a career in renewable energy please fill out our form. Whether you are an experienced installer, just starting out, or are looking to change careers, we want to hear from you. Learn how you can become part of the clean energy movement and join Sunrise as the premier residential and commercial solar installer for Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Orange counties, northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.


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