Going Solar: What Your Facebook Friends and Neighbors Say Makes All the Difference

If you’re looking for recommendations for a great restaurant in the theater district, a pediatric pulmonologist, a plumber or anything else… where’s the first place you go to find out the answer?  Most people would say they either search on their local Facebook “Moms” page or post the question directly on their Timeline to find the right answer from their hundreds of Facebook followers.

The same thing happens when a homeowner or business is considering a switch to solar power.  A research project conducted at Yale University found that solar adoption can actually be  “contagious” and depends a great deal on whether your neighbors have decided to go solar. Hearing from trusted friends about the benefits of solar and about how great of an investment it is, gives enough comfort for most people to make the switch.

At Sunrise Solar Solutions, we’ve built our business on reliable and honest long-term relationships with our clients.  Our clients know that we are there for them years, even decades, later.  And, that’s why they’re always there and eager to give us a “shout out” whenever a question is asked about solar or a recommendation for a solar installation company is needed.  Our clients have become our “solar social ambassadors” – credibly spreading the word about solar, its benefits and letting others know that solar is the smartest choice they can make to save money, generate their own power and build a clean energy future for themselves, their children and generations to come.

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