Churches Go Solar: Protect the Church and Protect the Earth

For most churches, the second largest expense after salaries is the electric bill. But, that’s not the only reason churches are now going solar. Church leaders and their congregants report that what really motivates them to switch to solar power, is their spiritual and moral responsibility to protect the environment.

Protecting the Church

Many churches are older, and therefore cost more money to run. In addition, they often have very large roofs. If they are not too heavily shaded, church roofs make for the perfect place to install solar panels. By reducing electric bills, churches can save and even add money to their budgets for church expenses and programs.

Protecting the Earth: How can churches go solar?

The biblical view is that “the world doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to God, and we are the caretakers.”

Churches and their congregants previously constrained by the cost and process associated with switching to renewable energy now have an easier and significantly less expensive way to go solar. Through the new Solarize Our Congregation program — whether you are a congregant or a friend of a congregant, you are eligible for special group discounts. Solarize Our Congregation offers solar installations at discounted pricing to members and friends of Presbyterian congregations in the Mid-Hudson region through HRP-Green, a volunteer environmental partnership of the Hudson River Presbytery. Homeowners who sign up for solar installations by June 4, 2018 will be able to take advantage of group rates significantly below market prices. Commercial and nonprofit property owners can sign up for information about the program until June 4th and have until October to sign a contract. Read more about the Solarize Our Congregation program in Westchester and Rockland Counties in our previous Sunrise Solar Solutions blog.

Please join us at our next Solarize our Congregation Information Session at Bedford Presbyterian Church on Sunday, April 22 at 11:15am. For a list of participating churches and more information about Solarize Our Congregation, call 914-762-7622,


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