Baby, It’s Cold Outside… But, I Can Still Go Solar!

Although the skies may be thick with clouds and there’s frost on the windows, your solar panels can still be hard at work in the winter and all year long.

Solar will successfully generate electricity despite light snow and other inclement weather conditions. Solar PV relies on light not heat, so cold and bright is ideal for solar. Although the sun is lower in the sky and up for fewer hours in the winter, solar still produces power, albeit at a lesser amount. While heavy snow limits or stops the amount of energy produced by solar panels, light can still move through thin snow to energize the solar cells. In fact, even when solar panels are completely covered by light snow, they can still generate electricity. Sunrise uses advanced energy modeling to estimate the solar power generated over the year and factors in things like snow cover.

Sunrise offers the very best quality solar panels available; solar panels that can easily withstand a Nor’easter and anything else that comes our way. It’s important to note that not all solar panels are equal and that’s why we are now exclusively offering SunPower’s premium solar panel technology to all of our residential customers.

“One of the founding principles of Sunrise Solar Solutions was to build the highest-quality solar energy systems possible, using the best available technology,” says Sunrise president and CEO Douglas Hertz. “We’ve consistently made a practice of staying on top of the latest innovations, and are constantly evolving to incorporate new products with demonstrated value to our customers.”

To ensure that a storm doesn’t’ leave you cold and in the dark, Sunrise is now offering the long-awaited sonnenBatterie battery back-up solar power system, featuring a unique power detection system that will sense outages in real-time and will automatically switch over to battery power. This purchase can be combined with your solar system installation as an added value, or purchased separately. Either way, your power is guaranteed. No more worries. You will never again lose power!

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