Add solar panels, subtract from your bills

NetMetering-InfographicUtility bills make up a significant portion of any household budget – and in our region, already-high electricity rates are only projected to keep rising. In fact, many customers of Orange and Rockland Utilities have recently seen their monthly gas and electric bills increase by nearly $12 on average, under a rate plan approved by the state Public Service Commission.

But there is a way to not only put the brakes on those increases, but even reverse them. By harnessing the power of sunlight – an abundant renewable resource – you can reduce your reliance on the energy supplied by your public utility, while helping the environment and saving money.

And those savings are significant – in fact, we are proud to say that here at Sunrise Solar Solutions LLC, we surpassed the important milestone saving 4 billion watts of energy costs for our customers. That’s billion with a “B!”

That’s due to several factors. First, once you install a solar power system, the cost of your solar energy will be fixed for the life of the system – no more increases. And considering the fact that a solar system is typically expected to last between 30-35 years, the amount saved over that time will be substantial.

Second, your solar panels will contribute to your household energy supply, reducing the amount you purchase from the utility whenever the sun is shining on your solar panels.

And third, your system may generate more power than your home can consume. So not only will you protect yourself against rising rates and purchase less power, but you may actually turn the electric meter backwards. In other words, the roles can be reversed — so you supply the power and the utility pays you!

Learn how this works.


A premier residential solar photovoltaic system, like Sunrise Solar Solutions, can not only put the brakes on rising utility bills, but even reverse them. Here’s how it works:

The energy needed to power your household comes from the grid – a network that transports power between suppliers and consumers.
Solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it to AC electricity, which is fed into your household meter. From there, the energy can move in either direction:
It powers the household, reducing the amount you need from the grid – and the amount you’re billed for.
Any excess power flows back to the utility – turning your meter backwards and earning you a credit.


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