4 Things New Yorkers Can Expect from New York’s Green New Deal

Big News for NY Solar!  Governor Cuomo signed New York’s Green New Deal and it means some  great things ahead for New Yorkers.

1.   More Renewable Energy Sources

Governor Cuomo is aiming for New York state to be 100% green by the year 2040. That means that instead of relying on fossil fuels that damage the atmosphere, New York will be integrating more solar, wind, and water renewable energy.  Specifically, by 2025, distributed solar deployment will double to 6,000 megawatts.

2. No More Plastic Bags

An essential for a cleaner environment, New York’s Green New Deal includes the elimination of plastic bags given out by businesses. Paper bags or reusable bags will be required for companies to hand out to their customers. 

3. The expansion of the Bottle Bill

An expansion of the Bottle Bill will now include more types of bottles that can be recycled at local grocery stores for a five-cent deposit and other recycling centers.

4. Delivering Climate Justice to New York Communities

To ensure that those communities where nuclear power plants are located are not left behind economically, new renewable jobs will be created that prioritize low and moderate-income workers.

To hear more about what Governor Cuomo has to say, watch his link here.

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